5 Reasons You May Feel Stuck

Ever felt stuck in life? I know I've felt that way before. That is one reason why I felt it was important to incorporate this topic in the Chat Trap blog. If you are looking for statistics and quotes today...you are going to miss out on good information.

The top 5 reasons people feel stuck is a blog post based on my personal and clinical experience. I see it day after day. It's a constant struggle. But you can do this; that's if you want to. For those who have difficulty doing this on their own, I'm here to help.  So, let's start with the topic at hand.

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1. Society's standards

There are few people who do not care but there are many more who often compare themselves to society’s standards. By this I mean...Feeling you should have found your life’s purpose, have children etc by a certain age. When you are constantly comparing yourself to these standards, are you living up to YOUR potential?

2.Defining yourself by your supports, including traumatic experiences

Throughout our lives, our support systems share their thoughts about us to us. However, everyone has not had a positive support. Even if they did, this area could still be of concern. Are you living your life based on what others have said about you and your abilities?

I find many of my clients who experienced verbal/emotional abuse have the most difficulty with this because it is or was so ingrained in their daily lives that they begin to believe its true, they speak it and behave based on these thoughts.  Just think of what YOU can become with the right kind of support.

3. All or Nothing Thinking

All or Nothing thinking is also known as Black and White Thinking. One reason that I love discussing this topic is that A Solution B, LLC was founded on the principle of exploring issues and identifying the "grey area" which can result in reducing stress, anxiety, and some depressive symptoms. I love this discussion so much I developed the tagline: There's always another solution.

Life has many options, the outcome is up to you. From my experience as a “regular person” and as a clinician, this thought process often leads to a person becoming overwhelmed by attempting to do everything at once or give up because it isn't successful.

4. Fear of failure or fear of succeeding  

People fear failure because it may cause them to feel vulnerable and open them up to criticism. Alternately, others fear becoming successful because, again, they feel failure might be underway. Plus there is a fear of commitment as well because it takes commitment to continue behaviors that led to success...there goes that feeling of being stuck. 

5. "I am the one that help others."

Helping others is humanistic. However, we help others because we have the resources to do so. Nothing wrong with that...none.  But each one of us have resources based on our own personal knowledge and connections in the world. In this sense, it’s imperative to explore the concept the “helper needs help” meaning each person has the resources which may benefits another.


Can you relate to any of these Top 5 Reasons ?

 Have you ever felt stuck? If so, what did you do to change that? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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