Affiliate- Amazon

Updated-2/18/10- I am currently not affiliated with Amazon at this time until further notice. However, I still stand by the items I have recommended.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just want to be transparent for a moment.

Although A Solution B is a for-profit practice, I continue to apply ways to give back to the community.

With that said, A Solution B is now affiliated with Amazon.

This means any purchases you make using the Amazon link on our site (link provided below) will apply 4% of YOUR purchase to our scholarship fund.

Our scholarship fund helps clients/families who are going through financial hardships or low income to be able to utilize the services for mental health and still maintain as much confidentiality as possible.

In addition, I will be sharing items, books and other goods which I often suggest to my clients.

Each month an item will be placed on the link- My Approach.

Click the link to read more.

My Approach