My Tea Meditation Workshop Is Here!

As you might already know, I’ve been working my rear off behind the scenes on my Tea Meditation Workshop for the past several weeks and it’s finally ready!!!!

With the assistance of Cinematic services of EmpowerHer Productions, LLC and make up artist Jasmine Elliot, I was able to make my visual invitation come to life to share with my readers.

I know many of you have questions about my Tea Meditation workshop. Below I have answered the most commonly asked questions. If you can not find your answer, please comment so that I may address it.

What is Tea Meditation?
Tea Meditation is a form of movement meditation. For some, simply meditating is difficult, but when a repetitive movement and our five senses are added it becomes more "doable."

Is this a form of appropriation?
Great question. This is not a form of appropriation as I often give props to the many cultures that I utilize to provide holistic complimentary care to my clients. In addition, I do not claim to have discovered or have ownership of this technique- which is a hallmark of appropriation. I’ve received some training and guidance from individuals of various cultures to incorporate this more effectively into my approach. All are welcome and no one is excluded in this workshop.

$40 for each workshop attended.

How do I register?
Follow the link below to register

Do I have to be a client to attend?
Nope! The general public is welcome to attend. However, there are limited seats for each session. So sign up right away!

Can A Solution B clients attend?

Yes you may! If you are an A Solution B client, follow up with me so that I can add you to the roster in the client portal. Confidentially still stands. I will not publicly identify you as a client if you attend.

When is the Tea Meditation Workshop?
You can join my workshop every Wednesday in June 2019 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm EST.

Where is the Tea Meditation Workshop?
At The Remedy House, 5150 Northland Dr, N, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Located in a plaza at the intersection of Northland Dr and Plainfield.

A map has been provided below.

See ya there!