Overcomer- Diane

Diane shows true determination and perseverance.  Why might I say that? ...Well, she definitely does not give up on her dreams. 

As a youth, Diane dreamed of becoming a nurse. She loved the medical perspective but primarily dreamed of helping others heal. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Diane had to make a change she never considered. Diane contacted A Solution B, LLC stating "I feel stuck."  Admitting she felt stuck was a big step as she had spent countless hours studying and attending nursing school with little to no guidance and support.  

I would say...her willingness to seek help was one sign that led me to identify Diane as an Overcomer.

Let's find out more about Diane...


Q) You've recently changed schools, initially majored in nursing, what was that change like for you?

A)The change was not very easy because I felt like I was giving up on my dreams of becoming a nurse. Now, I am glad that I made that change. I am on the right track and have a great support system at my new school and a great future career. 

Q) What were some of the reasons you were hesitant to change majors/schools? 

 A) I invested so much money, and time in my previous school. So, for me, it was very difficult making that transition. I felt like it was worth staying because I sacrificed so much. For example, paying out-of-pocket for school books, classes, and entrance tests.

Q.)In what way did A Solution B help with your change?

A) I was provided free consultation through A Solution B and was introduced to Renee. I feel like Renee helped me to take back my confidence that I lost. She helped to bring out the best in me. Renee helped me to acknowledge and connect with my personal strengths. She provided guidance and advice which helped me to sketch out a career path, that would work best for me.Now, I feel like, I am on the right path to success. Also, I am applying what we addressed in that session to my daily life and plan to use it in the future. Renee followed up with me to see how I was progressing with my change. She was there to listen to me and help me come up with solutions to stay focused on my career.

Q) What strengths have you gained through this process?

A)  I have gained more confidence.

Q) What do you think others should know who are thinking about this type of change?

A)I want others to know, they can make this change with the right support system. Also, to make this type of change one must be willing and ready to make that change.

A Solution B, LLC is so glad Diane was able to get the guidance and support she desperately needed. Feeling stuck can lead an individual to a dark place and at times, can blind a person from the solutions available to them. Diane did something different, she desired something new, she sought guidance from A Solution B, LLC and is now in school to become a life coach. That is amazing! This is why Diane is an Overcomer. Which leads me to say...When you are feeling stuck be like Diane, be an Overcomer.

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