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"The more I share the more lives I can save... "

"The more I share the more lives I can save..."

Tramaine, AKA King Kaution, is a force to be reckoned with. His love for music transcends pure enjoyment, its therapeutic, healing, empowering and a testament . Tramaine,  is a survivor of a drunk driving crash, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. THIS has not stopped him, in fact, he has recently released a documentary, he continues to produce beats and perform live music.   He is the physical manifestation of a Overcomer.   Read below to see what exactly makes him an Overcomer.



" I share what I've been through to help save lives. Before you do anything you might regret just look at where I was and take a 2nd thought. "   ~Tramaine


Q)Tramaine you have a love for music, when did you realize this was an important aspect of your life?

A)I realized music was important once I started putting my life experiences in songs as if I was venting to a best friend and others felt the same struggles  as me

 Q)You are very open about your experiences  which is a life changing event,  as well as your family…I’m sure there were a mixture of emotions for everyone… what type of support did you and your family have or need?

A) We had support from the city, as far as,  genuine people  coming to check on us and in the hospital. A few people shared their stories on how they ended up in a wheelchair and how they get around. My accident was a no fault which is a Michigan law, so I'm lucky that insurance companies helped out a ton or I'd probably be dead or in a nursing home from lack of funds to pay for my needs.

Q)How did you deal and continue to deal with life to become the proactive and successful person you are today?

A) I stuck with the plans I made from day 1, plus I have 2 sons watching my every move so no matter what I must lead by example. I also remain strong to show them how my father taught me to work for myself.

Q)What have you learned about yourself in this process and what is something you desire to work on further?

  A) I learned that I'm stronger than I thought mentally. The way I handle myself motivates many to not complain about "simple" things. I'm more focused on tapping into my inner spiritual side to guide me through this journey.

Q)It's my understanding that you produce music, you perform in shows and most recently, you've produced a documentary…do you find these to be part of your healing process and in what ways has it helped?

A)Yes, because I didn't want a therapist right at that moment to vent to, so  I  put my experiences in my music and perform in front of people who are just waiting to hear what I have to say. Plus, I can make an income sharing my story since its hard to work a regular job.

      By me sharing my story, I have noticed not many people survive (DUI) car crashes or can  handle change so they give up. The more I share the more lives I can save and change their suicidal thoughts. Initially, I didn't think people would listen, but now it's almost a demand to speak because even the average person is  ready to give up on life for their struggles vs mines.

           Q)What would you share with someone who has had a similar experience as you?

  • Try everything you possibly can before saying you can't.
  • Believe in yourself no matter what and take action.
  • Stand up for yourself or people will use you.
  • Learn your body as well as your mind.
  • They're is someone who'll love you unconditionally so don't be scared to date. Sex or whatever you wanna call it helps no matter if it's kissing or 1 pleasing the other so don't be afraid to try new things if you can.
  • Last but not least love yourself.


Tramaine is a survivor. Despite the challenges he has faced and  continue to face, he has used this as an opportunity to reach out to others. In addition to, he is also  an example of accepting life as it comes. I believe this is a perspective we can all utilize, despite the magnitude of our trials...with that said, as usual, I end on this note....be like Tramaine,  be an Overcover.

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