Stress did that to... me?!?!

A few years back, I began to wake up early in the morning...every time I looked at the clock it was around 4am.

I would frequent the gym to "burn off a little stress." Typically, I would start with walking around the indoor track. Later move onto the elliptical. and no I didn't forget to include strength training. Suddenly it began to change, after taking a walk for 15 minutes I began to have hot flashes...even dizziness. Several times I went to the doctor and the emergency and there was no diagnosis. No Doctors chalked it up to, "Maybe menopause." At this time I was still very young. I just felt, within myself, there has to be another answer.

After some time, I contacted my family members who had been attending the appointments with me and informed them that I am going to seek a "holistic doctor."  I had no clue as to what I was doing. But my mind was made up! I wasn't going to continue to take pills without an accurate diagnosis.

So I went online and made some calls.

Of course, I informed them of my symptoms. I then had to complete a questionnaire that took about 40 minutes to an hour to complete. After that was received by the office, an appointment was made.

On the day off, I entered into a holistic medical practice. I was anxious, both for good and bad reasons. I didn't want bad news but I was relieved with the fact I followed my heart and new this was meant to be.

The waiting room was inviting, yet, sterile and medical. Mainly white walls and white chairs with one flat screen TV on the wall providing information about natural probiotics.

I was then taken into a room where I had to lay back in a comfortable black chair for approximately 5 seconds with a few plugs on me; followed by swishing a tasteless liquid around in my mouth. Now, with this liquid I had to inform the "nurse" if a taste began to bellow up in my mouth, its taste and the intensity. For me, it was extremely metallic. I nearly wanted to vomit. *Glad they gave me a sip of water afterwards.*


Finally, I met with Dr. Stacey. She was so kind and so genuine. She took me to a meeting room, went through each print out with me and provided me with information regarding my experience. Let me tell you...I felt heard and I felt like there was a doctor who genuinely was concerned about me.

I was told that I was experiencing chronic adrenal gland is reversible and will take time. Dr. Stacey also added that although I worked out daily for 30 minutes or more, that it was actually a negative impact on my adrenal glands. In addition, I had to complete a food journal for a week .  I began to meet with her every 2 to 3 weeks and was set up with a team of practitioners for every step of the way.  I knew then that I had to deal with my stress differently.


I knew then....I wasn't alone.


To be continued.

For more information about Adrenal Gland Fatigue please click the link.