Tomato and Garlic Pasta

This simple and quick recipe is full of nutrition and packed with flavor.  Once you make it, it will be easy to make over and over again. No more days of not making pasta because you don't have tomato/pasta sauce. Simply put these items together and dinner is served!

Tomato and Garlic Pasta.jpg



- Experiment with different types of spaghetti for added nutrition such as Spinach based spaghetti or black bean pasta (usually found in health food stores)

- Add other vegetables for texture and color.

Nutrition Facts (Does not include pasta alternatives)

Portions: 7

Total Calories: 274

Food Groups                                                Limits

Grains 2 oz.                                                  Added Sugars  0 Calories

Vegetables┬╝ cup(s)                                      Saturated Fat  9 Calories

Oils  1 tsp.                                                      Sodium   3 Calories


Per serving: 274 Calories;  7 g Fat; 44 g Carbohydrates; 8 g Protein; 0 mg Cholesterol; 3mg Sodium. Nutrition provided by