"Therapist are for crazy people..."

 It's an unusual day today in Michigan. I mean...for the month of February it is. Typically, the grass is covered in snow. We're helping our neighbors shovel the knee high level of white flakes so we can have a place to park on the street. However, today the weather is bright and sunny. Temperature is in the 60's. Observing all of the people walking around outdoors, roller blading, and walking their dogs. And to think, it was just yesterday many of them were snowed in, deep in a depression, too anxious to leave the house for fear of sliding across the road.


What I mean is this weather can definitely cause a person to "feel different" or even "act differently."


This is the season where depression increases. It increases greatly and if it occurs mainly around this season, then it could be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But there are many other forms such as Bipolar Depression, Persistent Depressive disorder (AKA dysthymia) and Major Depressive disorder (single episode or recurrent episodes).


Symptoms of depression will be provided in another blog for those who are interested. But for now, lets move forward... 


So the title of this post is "Therapists are for crazy people..." because I hear this at least once a week in my office. Alternatively, some people believe mental health therapist are great! Because I am one, I certainly agree. But I am not here to toot my own horn.☺☺☺ I am here to provide some insight and my stance on a few ways to become a healthier you. 


First and foremost (repeat the next two phrases):


If I meet with a therapist it does not mean I am crazy.


If I have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety that does not mean I am crazy.


 Some of these things can be greatly reduced by nutrition, other alternative approaches, behavioral choices and working on thinking as well. 


One thing to be aware of is that your brain is just like every other organ in the body. Depending on the type of depressive disorder you experience, the chemical within the brain can become imbalanced. Therefore, most drug treatments have been developed to balance/ stabilize the imbalance.


There are many other organs and body systems  that can experience imbalances, such as hormones, kidneys and even muscle- causing spasms. No one calls  those with the aforementioned conditions...crazy. I've never heard anyone say, "Hey, you are crazy for saying you have muscle spasms."


Have you heard this?



 There is truly a stigma within society regarding mental health. I don't believe it's fair. That is one reason I chose to become a mental health/ behavioral health therapist. There are doctors for the body to help to continue a stable balance. Well, there should be "doctors" to help manage thoughts, feelings of safety, and strive for feelings of normalicy. And there are. This is where I come in. 


How does the season affect depression and any other mental health condition? Well, that will be another blog too. For now...I will be enjoying this Michigan, 60 degree, weather in winter. I'm not sure how long it will last so I'm "down" for the experience  and choose to focus on enjoying this present moment.  



What are your thoughts?Comment below.




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