Moe  known in Grand Rapids, MI as an music artist  of FireProof  and a founder of FireProof TV, has taken his craft to the next Although, Moe states havinga  passion to go into film, it took time to actively make that change. Let's see how Moe worked through his "self-obstacles" to get his dream started. 

Q)Moe you are  well-known in much of the Midwestern region for making music and developing
talent. Now, you are exploring the world of film. Tell me how you went about moving towards

A)Well... I have always been in music and film but Tyler Perry once said, "You need to have laser
focus on one thing." All I thought about since then is what can bring me home more  than
music. Plus. it’s what I love to do.

Q)What were some of the challenges you experienced when deciding to make the change from movie to film?

A) Working with ppl and trying to come up with money for cameras... other things I
needed that made me passionate about film making.



I've gained happiness.

Q)When you have challenges such as these, how do you deal with them? What helps you to
pursue this venture despite the challenges?

A)That’s a part of life. All I got to do is sit back through the trials and be patient
and learn more about my craft. I also set  goals and don’t stop until I complete it... no matter
whats in my way.

Q)I tend to share with my clients...with challenges you learn a great deal about yourself. What is some insight you’ve gained making these changes?

A)I've learned about happiness. I've gained happiness because I’m doing something I love and its something I am passionate about. I was always taught not to give up and not to let obstacles prevent me from doing what I want to do.

Q) What area do you feel need to be further enhanced for you to continue your journey of growth?

A) To get my team to believe in the bigger picture. To have them believe in themselves, in the
things that we’re trying to achieve, so that we can get to the ultimate goal which is

Q)If someone was in the processed of making the same changes you made but is hesitant, what do you think they need to know?

A)How to keep believing in yourself and don’t let your negative thoughts get you down. It's important to continue to go hard on your dreams and what you believe in.

Changing to a similar industry can be a challenge for some...Overcomer Moe certainly demonstrates this. However, his passion for music and film did not allow him to surrender to his fear. With that...I shall end with...even if things do not seem like they will change, look to your passion and let it be your an Overcomer, be like Moe.


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