NJ shared with me how she began to develop her own  digital content business. The way her business came about wasn't the challenge she  would have chosen to experience. However, she did chose to face her fears and obstacles head on, which led to being a force to reckon with.

Read below to learn why NJ is an Overcomer.


Q) You've shared with me your history of underwriting for 24 years and later developing your own digital content business. What was the catalyst for change?

A)  The catalyst for change for me was due to an isolated situation with my health. Things happen and you adjust your life accordingly. For a two-year period, I was disabled and unable to work as a risk manager which lead me to take medical leave, have multiple surgeries and deciding to continue my path of virtual services (including digital content creation) and commercial photography. 


Q)  Your past employment was mainly a sedentary lifestyle, did this lead to health issues? If so or not, how did you “pull through” and develop your business despite the issues?

A)  Like many office jobs, you do a lot of sitting for extended periods of time. I do not feel my past employment caused my health issues.  I don’t think it provided a path for healing after onset and it did aggravate my health over time.

Q)  Through your challenges what was the easiest to carry out and the most difficult to accomplish…why?

A) The easiest to accomplish was to transition into doing what I had done while employed—Virtual Services and Photography. As a virtual service provider, I coach and mentor new and recently started virtual service providers as well as service my own clients. I had ten years experience in this area. I had also been a photographer and had an established client base while employed. 

Q) What have you learned about yourself in this process and what is something you wish to work on further?

A) I have learned that I am resilient and determined to do what I can do within. As much as I’d like to cape up and be a superhero every day, I recognize my limitations and I operate in those and push myself healthily. I desire to work on my skills and knowledge and continue fostering a healthy drive within myself and others.

Q) If someone is interested in making a similar change as you, what advice would you offer them?

A) It sounds cliché but I’d say “Just do it!”. Get started where you are.  If you’re afraid, do it afraid. The sooner you confront fear, the sooner fear understands it cannot dominate you.  Getting started means assessing where you are and what you need in order to get where you want to go. When you have a road-map for your goals, you’ll know when it’s time to make those strategic moves to up-level.

Sometimes life can be demanding but we still have a say-so in how we choose to react to life. From this interview, NJ has shown just that. She represents many people who are faced with health issues and despite the adversities it came with, NJ continues to pursue her goals and work towards fostering a healthy self. With that said, her approach may help each one of us.  We must continue to find ways to foster a healthy lifestyle, support system and healthy mind for ourselves and the support of others. There will come a time when you will use your road-map,  this will be the time where you have to work through your fears. If you need help with that, feel free to contact A Solution B, LLC.  until then (and even after)...I say, be like NJ, be an Overcomer.

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