A Solution B has moved to its new office

It’s official -A Solution B has moved to its new office

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A Solution B, LLC

Has moved to its new office

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I’m ecstatic to share that the A Solution B office has moved to a new location in Wyoming, Michigan on 28th street. For one year, A Solution B has provided services at the previous location near Rockford, Michigan area and this placement provided what was needed for A Solution B’s needs. While there, I’ve built relationships that have been rewarding to me both, personally and professionally.

A Solution B’s new office is located on the lower level of an office building directly on 28th Street and Avon. Although it’s not as quiet as my previous location, I’m excited about the traffic flow of one of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s prominent motorways. Because A Solution B sites on The Rapid’s bus line, it’s even more accessible than before.

Overall, I am happy with this space!

I do want to share several contributing factors that motivated this transition: (please note: these factors may have overlap):

  1. Location

The last office was located near the Rockford area, within a storefront which also complimented the services provided by A Solution B. But in order to be in alignment with A Solution B’s vision, mission, and statements throughout our website indicating “services are easily accessible” the relocation of our office space was necessary. A Solution B is now located on one of the most utilized streets in Grand Rapids. The office is in close proximity to gas stations, auto repair shops, and locally owned bakeries and restaurants.

2. Visibility

Originally, I was located in a back office nestled in a storefront. While I enjoyed utilizing the space and the staff within the store location, the private practice was not as visible as I had envisioned A Solution B to be. Although the newer space is located within an office building, it is considered its own entity and will eventually have a sign placed on the outside of the building. It is my hope this will establish more visibility to the public and help A Solution B’s presence become more known as a local business for emotional wellness and mental wellness.

3. Growth

As the practice’s clientele increases the need for availability to utilize the office space has increased as well. It was necessary to move the office as there is a need to accommodate this growth. In the past, the office was contracted for 10 hours a week. Now A Solution B can offer in-office visits any time during business hours, and please keep in mind, community-based, in-home services and telehealth( video and phone) services are still available. In addition to this growth, A Solution B recently established a Facebook community The Wellness Solution: Mind. Body, Home. where women seeking “whole wellness” thrive and do so together.

4. Space

When I first moved to my original location, I shared my office space with another tenant. The room was small but was sufficient for what I needed at that time. Along with myself, I was able to bring in one bookcase and an office chair for added comfort. Alternatively, this newer space offers more square footage. But more importantly, this location is more spacious with a different layout, brighter colors, and two windows (Yesssssa!) which allowed me to incorporate Environmental Exploration (which is also a technique used for A Solution B clients) along with Feng Shui principles to promote healing and an intentional, yet functional environment.

To be honest, this relocation has been exciting for me as it has afforded the opportunity to utilize my creativity in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects and bring my own energy within this space of healing and support. Overall, the new office’s space is ready to hold sessions, there are many projects that have yet to be complete. My clients have been informed that the space is still in transition. I’m still working on getting settled in and as mentioned above, working on the DIY projects. I’m thinking about hosting an open house for those who would love to visit my new space and if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi!

I want to shout out a huge “Thank You” to those who have supported myself and my holistic private practice A Solution B along the way. Because of your support, this move was made possible.

As promised on A Solution B’s Facebook page, I will be providing a blog post discussing my office decor arrangement in the near future. Stay tuned.

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A Solution B, LLC

Written By: Reynelda Jones, LMSW, CAADC, ADS

Owner and Therapist of A Solution B, LLC

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